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I am now available to cast your Film or TV Projects!  Here are a few projects I have cast so far... 



The Future of Casting: Directed Remote Casting

After casting actors in-person in over 1500 projects for the last 15 years, I have mastered the keys of casting: 

Decipher the Director's and Company's visions, find and pick great talent, and direct that talent so it all comes alive for the very first time. Meanwhile, the concept of Casting has changed over the years, and quality has dramatically decreased with self-tapes becoming the primary means for submissions.  'Casting' takes hundreds of tapes to find a few good ones to present.  Imagine how many actors paid for their tapes that will never be seen by the client?  How many of them would have been better with direction from a Casting 'Director'.  Let's stop wasting people's time.  Let's bring back the art of casting AND directing.  And do it more efficiently than ever.  Live-Directed Remote Casting eliminates the cost of a fixed location and the need for undirected self-tapes.  Actors love being directed (and taped) by a Casting Director, Directors and Producers love great casting, and everyone loves saving money.  This will streamline those goals and create a new Golden Age for the ultimate communicators between directors and actors... The Casting Director

No matter how big or small your film or TV project, email me with your needs and I will help you make your vision a reality!