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I love teaching people how to genuinely enjoy being 'On-Camera'

My teaching method for everyone is simple, and no matter what level you are, I will help you see acting in a new light:

We will interpret the writer's and director's vision, and help you never 'memorize' a line again.  You will simply mean what you say because you are a part of a beautiful story around you.  By using your imagination, the role will become you, and we will make the scene true.  You will know your lines because you know why they exist and what they mean.  

ACTING CLASSES:  My current online class is very small and is for actors of all levels.  You will learn a ton from watching and performing with each other.  Actors can prepare any piece for this class, and I will help make the line between acting for commercials and Film/TV roles disappear.  From comedic roles, to 'breaking your own heart', to public speaking and beyond. We will have a blast challenging your imagination and making scripts real.  Click here for upcoming class dates.

PRIVATE COACHING and SELF-TAPES:  You can now book an hour intensive through Zoom with me for coaching or self-taping!  You self-tape from home and I can be your reader and director.  Parents get to just sit back and watch, learn, and enjoy not going anywhere AND not doing anything.  These coaching sessions are recorded and sent to talent after each lesson.  

$100/hour.  Email to inquire about availability.  


If you or your child takes a 1-hour Private Coaching Session and you would like it to be ongoing, you can now book a package of 6 Zoom sessions.  These sessions can be used for Self-Tape auditions, coaching, or anything career based that you would like to work on!  These sessions are recorded over Zoom and sent to talent after each lesson.  

$450.00 per 6 class-pack and the first class is credited towards that total if you paid $100.00 already.  Email to inquire about availability.  



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